Do the three-point exercise three to five times a day, each with three passes, and you will see how your vision with each passing day appreciable gains in strength. Do the three-point exercise regularly, at least initially.

Once your eye muscles are activated, you can exercise as often as you desire, e.g. only 2-3 times a week. Note also that you do not always practice the same distances.

After a few hours of active seeing, your eyes may get tired, and the ability to focus may lose strenght. In most cases a tension of the inner eye muscles is responsible for that. Make a break, close your eyes for half a minute. Imagen a beach scene, see the water, the palms and the sand. Then open your eyes, and move your eyes slightly to all sides. You will see that the eyes are recovered and relaxed.

After you were able to see quite clearly in the alphaphase, the clear vision will be stopped with the next blinking, and you may think, that your vision has dropped back to the initial vision.

But after a few weeks, you will be able to recognize, that after blinking, you no longer fall to the starting level, and that your vision of both eyes has improved throughout the day. This improved vision I call here the „beta phase“. After a few months you will see in the beta phase as good, as you did at the beginning in the alpha phase. And the alpha phase will be also improved beyond the alpha phase you experienced at beginning.


Alpha condition after a few minutes of practice (picture left) and months later (picture right). First, there is still some double images. After a few months, the contrasts become very sharp.


Beta phase after blinking (picture left) and beta phase after blinking months later (picture right). Even in everyday life you will see your environment much better than initially (see picture below).

In comparison: how you saw, before starting with the exercises.



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