Use your glasses only if necessary

Make sure to use the glasses as little as possible, and try to increase times without using your glases. Do not use your glases, if it is not absolutely necessary. At the beginning, you may have difficulties to see after dark, or under bad lightning conditions. But as long as you continue to improve your vision, this will not be a problem, and improve after time. Try to extend the period without using the glases and do not use glases for reading books or the paper.

Please notice, to use your glasses when driving. Only if your eyesight have improved as far, as to pass an official eye test, you should drive without glasses.

The disadvantages of glasses, contact lenses or eye laser surgery

Glasses, contact lenses and laser surgery all have their advantages, but also have some serious drawbacks.

In recent years, clinics shot from the soil in which modern laser surgery burn a piece of the cornea, and shape the contact lens inside the cornea. To laser the eye is not only very expensive, but also constitutes a significant health risk. It is a solution to shortsightedness, but one that is not always necessary. It is little similar to the problem of increases in obesity, and the possibilities of modern cosmetic surgery. Or just try to obtain agility again by doing some movement.

The lenses have the disadvantage that you need to put them in and out every day. Some do that quickly, some less. I have worn contact lenses for many years, and hated it every morning. What is more serious, that you can scratch the cornea. As the cornea is not renewed by the body, in the course of a life these scratches add up, and produce at night a view of glistening unpleasant light. Moreover, the costs of the contact lenses are not insignificant, and it can lead to dangerous eye infections.

The the glasses the advantage that they can immediately compensate for visual defects. But they are very disturbing. Causing bruises on the nose. Glasses are not very comfortable, and you see only a small part of your visual field, so you have to move your head instead of your eyes. This leads to neck pain and poor posture.

Whether you decide to compensate your lack of movement with a crutch or a wheelchair, or to make a few simple and easy exercises, its up to you.




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