Perhaps you noticed after a few times practicing that although you can see the sharp objects, sometimes they see depicted on several occasions. Depending on your ametropia, now the effect of astigmatism is clearly visible. Now you may see sharply, but the objects appear with several edges. The parallel contours were not previously visible, because the edges were blurred and the surfaces of two objects flowed into each other.

For astigmatism, there are several possible causes. Sometimes the cornea deforms, and it comes to an astigmatism. You can not correct this with the eye exercises.

But there is also the lens astigmatism, which with the progress of the exercise period, you will be able to correct!


In order to offset the different lens curvature (astigmatism) of both eyes, in most cases, glasses have to be grinded differently. This has the disadvantage that both eyes now look in different directions when you look through the glasses. People with varying astigmatism error look like a chameleon, which looks in different directions.

Once you have put the glasses away, you have the problem that the outer eye muscles - responsible for the movement of the eye up, down, left, right - now without glasses again have to learn to coordinate work.

With a few simple coordination exercises this problem can quickly be repaired. This exercises can be found in the "coordination and agility" page.



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