Coordination and agility exercises for the outer eye muscles

If you can see reasonably well at different distances with both eyes, you also should practice the outer eye muscles, so that both eyes together can target well coordinated a certain point in front of you.

The six external eye muscles are arranged around the eyeball, and they move the eye up, down, right, left.




With glasses, you have a very restricted circle of view. Most often the edges of the glasses hinder you to look sideways, the eyes can only look forward. Instead of moving the eyes, you must instead turn your head. Often, the glasses are so polished that they only allow undistorted vision, if you look straight through the glasses.

The disadvantages accumulated by wearing glasses, we will now remove with the following exercises.

General movement Exercise

Without the glasses you have a much wider field of vision, which simply can be achieved by moving the eyes. Move your eyes just aimlessly up and down, in a circle, or whatever you want, each for about ten seconds. This will activate the outer muscles again.

Focus objects in your face circle out of the state

Due to the immobility of the eye through the rigid front seeing with glasses you may have lost the ability to focus an object with both eyes and you may squint. As now both eyes have difficulty to put an objekt together without eyeglass, you see the object twice.

Find some distinct points in your visible district. Look at them each for a short time from a standing position without moving your head.

Focus objects while moving

After both eyes can fix objects together, it is time to exercise fixing objects and holding watching them while moving.

On the one side, you can search moveable objects, that do not move too quickly, or you can look at objects while walking. You can follow with your eyes passing cars, tennis balls in a tennis game or birds in flight.

You must not practice these exercises every day. Once you do not use the glasses, and you can see reasonably well, you exercise your eyes automatically. But, the exercises will help you improve your seeing more faster.



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