How to improve your short-sightedness:


Inner eye muscles


3-Point Exercise

What you should see



Targeted Practice

Error sources

The alternative to Practice


External eye muscles - co-ordination and agility

The fine-tuning

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Exercise with which you can correct your farsightedness:

Just take a text on paper - the print quality should be very good - and move the site as far to the eyes, until you just see the characters sharp and can recognize them clearly.

If you exceeded the limit of the just recognizable, move the text again a few inches away from you until you can see very sharp. Then slowly move back the text closer, etc. Remember, you need lots of light, preferably sunlight. Book covers, with their contrasting headlines are particularly well suited for the exercise.

At the beginning of the exercise succeed most easily with headers, as they are printed bigger and with wider letters.

If you can read the font in half arms length, you are on the right track. Now take the next smaller script size for exercise.










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