The three-point exercise for the inner eye muscles

The first exercise, we begin with, is the three-point exercise. With the three-point exercise you can activate the inner eye muscles, which are responsible for focusing in different distances. The three-point exercise is the most importand exercise and will therefore be explained in detail.

All light must go through the eye lens before it can reach the sensory cells on the retina. The ciliary muscle is ordered around the eye lens, and by pulling together or relaxing the muscle the curvature of the lens is changed and therefore the refractive power of the lens adjusted. In order to obtain sharp images from near and distant objects the refractive power of the lens is constantly changing and the light is bundled together so that on the retina a sharp image can emerge.



Schematic drawing of an eye. The lens is surrounded by ciliary muscles. These adjust the lens to focus objects in different distances.






Most people see blurry because inner eye muscles arranged around the eye lens do no longer react very well. The muscles do no pull together, and the image appears blurred. The aim of the three-point exercise is to activate the eye muscles like in a movement therapy.

As we can not control the inner eye muscles consciously and actively, there is a trick how to activate the natural accommodation of the eye. As we close the eyes, and then re-open soon, the eye reflex will stimulate the ciliary muscle which will start to move.


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