It is undeniable that through our modern way of life our eyes get less and less demanded. Even if the vision in our time is always important - for the most part information is transmitted visually - but the eyes are usually used only very restrictedly. We may read very a lot, but our visual environment usually is within a few meters distance only. The TV is a few meters away, the newspaper or a book a few hand-width, and the computer screen at arms length. So the problem is, that we spend hours, for example in front of the monitor and look at it in the same distance.


We do not look once into the distance, then in the vicinity, etc. but constantly stare at the same distant point. The eye muscles get less and less exercised, like a couch-potato who only constantly lies on the sofa. Our environment – the office, at home, leisure time – covers only a few meters. Mostly, we look not too far away, and the ability to focus at different distances decreases.


The myopia - the inability to focus far remote - is for most people somewhere a civilization disease. There are also naturally inherited genetic causes, as well as diseases which cause deterioration of vision, such as multiple sclerosis, clouding of the lens, cornea curvature, retinal detachment, etc. But fortunately, this is rarely the case. Most people can improve their vision by doing some easy and fast exercises a day. There are just a few things you need to know.


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