The eye exercises presented here are almost everywhere and very easy to do. You need only little time. In the first two weeks it will only take about 10 minutes a day. After that you will have to practice only a few minutes – while waiting on a bus or while drinking your coffee for example – to experience a continued success. There are only a few little things that you should be aware of, and then we can start.

Most important: you need bright daylight for the exercise. Artificial light or doing the exercises in the night should be avoided. Even on heavily overcast days you should not start with the training, because the light ist not bright enough to sharp contours and your eyes will have difficulties to focus. Best start on a pleasant sunny day with the first exercise.

Go outside, find a quiet place where you can sit undisturbed for about 15 minutes. Make yourself comfortable. If the sun is too strong, and you are dazzled, look for a shady place or turn round, so that the sun lies behind you. You should not be blinded by the sun, when you open your eyes. A cap may also protect you from the direct sunlight.


Find three contrasting objects at a distance of about three, 15 and 50 meters distance.

If your vision is very bad, so look for objects even closer to you. The first object should be near enough, so you can see it reasonably well.

Objects with bright-dark contrasts are ideal. Reflective surfaces such as windows, metal surfaces, water must be avoided as they fade.



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