What you should see

How you see before starting the three-point exercise: blurred

After a few passages, often even in the first round of the three-point exercise, you will be able to see very sharp for a short moment. Where previously only vague stains were visible, now you can recognize for the first time clearly outlines.

Thats how your vision should be after the first exercise.

This is a great moment for many people, because it is clearly now, that the eye muscles are very agile, and a normal vision without glasses is possible. For a few seconds you will be able to see car number plates, road signs, trees clearly. As the eye with the next blinking gets relaxed again, the unusual clear vision will disappear. The phase before you are blinking, I will call further in this text the „alpha phase“.

Do not try to keep the alpha phase as long as possible. It is not important to keep the alpha phase fix, but the goal should be the mobility of the eye muscles by repeating contraction. This activity will give you the ability to control your eye muscles, so that you can create a sharp image of your environment automatically.

Do not try to see better by tensing your eye muscles intentionally. Let the eyes do the work automatically, just open your eyes, and your eyes will do the rest.

Stressed eye muscles are a hindrance for the exercise. Relax. Close your eyes and imagen a beautiful beach with palm trees and the sea. And then, when you can see the beach with your mental eyes, you can easily open your eyes and look in direction of the chosen object. The focusing will be done by your eyes.

Again, do not try to control your eye muscle. Just open your eyes and you will get a positive outcome.


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